Since thanksgiving falls right on our weekly post day, I plan to keep this week’s message short and sweet:

Enjoy the Holiday.

Today is not the day we push. You want to start feeding therapy over the long weekend? Great. Start it tomorrow. Crowds, and loud noises, and lots of activities out of the daily routine are likely very stressful on your kiddo. There is a good chance they are already going to be very touchy. If daily schedules help, I would recommend making one up specifically for today. You can also try and provide an incentive activity or reward just so they have something to look forward too after all the chaos is over.

I am a pusher, and it is rare that I steer away from pushing on any occasion, but going to non-routine events filled with lots of people and new foods can be a lot of stress to begin with. You want to set very small goals? Go for it. But from one parent to another, we don’t really push it on days like today. Yes, that may mean I let Damion snack on goldfish crackers all day. It may mean that I let him go by himself into another room and watch a show of his choosing and stay away from the crowd of family. You may get a look or a couple of words from a distant family member about your laissez faire parenting, but just try to brush it off. It’s a holiday, he can use a break, and I’m sure you can too. So let yourself off the hook somewhat today and enjoy the time with everyone. Happy Thanksgiving!